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Professional language services bring the world to your doorstep and are key to your success! Liaison, a Miami, Florida based company, is ideally located to offer and provide services to meet all your interpretation and translation needs in the United States and overseas.

To provide top-notch professional, cost effective, accurate and seamlessly consistent services, we have established strategic alliances and network with professionals in the U.S. and abroad.

we specialize in
* Conference Interpretation Services
* Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rentals
* Legal Translation and Court Interpretation
* Translation and Other Language Services 

conference roomLanguage is the vehicle for immediate global communications in today's business world. In this new millennium, simultaneous interpretation services for your conferences and meetings will become an integral part of your planning process.

Services are available in all language combinations, removing language barriers, promoting attendance and interaction that enhance your global image.

Consider the true value of language services. For your next meeting or conference, rely on the expertise of specialized professionals for planning, conference interpretation and equipment rental services. 

To further improve service delivery, we have invested in soundproof booths, feedback-free delegate microphones and state-of-the-art equipment.

We have developed a short checklist to help you plan. Call or e-mail us for accurate, written cost estimates.

to help you plan, we need to know

* Date * Schedule * Translation services
* Location * Language(s) * Videoconferencing
* Type of event * Audio-visual needs * Subject
* Local, out-of-town or overseas event
* Seating plan, Question and Answer microphones
* Total number of participants, and number of participants
* Requiring headsets

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